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CHOCOLATE ROCKS designed flavour


About this product

Chocolate + rock, these the two elements come together in this collaboration between a product designer and a chef.
With great care and the best ingredients, they create these colorful, layered little rocks.
Nice to keep and enjoy or to give as a present. It's a true experience because of the tension between our instincts and our brains. Will you bite into a rock?

Choose for 1 or 3 in a box. 

Images by Marta Veludo and Michal Avraham. 


- Wrapped in a gift box
- Handmade from dark & white chocolate mixed together with natural pigments
- Filled with three kinds of flavors: Peanut, Hazelnut, walnut
- Three in a box is; size ranges between 2 and 5 cm
- One in a box is; size ranges between 3 and 5 cm



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