14/04/2014 20:03

At Work: Waarmakers

In this series Restored visits the studios of designers we work with and are proud to represent. We knock on doors where they create, get inspired and live. This episode is devoted to the universe of Waarmakers

As we walk to the front door of the Waarmakers studio in Amsterdam, crisp sparkles of sunlight glisten from the canal. The light, minimalist working space breathes an air of concentration and silence that is inspiring. You can easily imagine beautiful ideas blossoming from the heads of the team enveloped in it. When people do look up from their work they’re all smiles. We get a quick tour of the building and afterwards get offered an enlightening talk about led-lighting and salvaged wood. These makers bring across utopic sentiments with a healthy dose of practicality. Waarmakers makes us curious to see what the future holds.

What’s in a name
Not more than a decade ago Waarmakers originated from the minds and hands of two engineers eager to see their visions materialised. Maarten Heijltjes and Simon Akkaya met in the industrial design section of TU Delft, a renowned Dutch Technical University. The Dutch name shows a twofold desire of these two designers and the reason for setting up their own shop. waarmakers derives from a Dutch verb meaning ‘keeping your word’ in the more hands-on sense that you ‘practice what you preach’. Their first efforts then, lie not solely in thinking up conscientious and sustainable concepts and solutions. They decided early on to leave the drawing table in time to get their hands dirty, to actually make and touch the products they envision.

As for the preaching, a second meaning in their name shows the obvious diversity of Waarmakers portfolio bears a common horizon. Simon and Maarten don’t stop at creating the perfect product, but focus in on design producing a positive social impact. ‘Designs materialize an ideology and trigger specific human behavior’, they say. This idealistic outlook fuelled the creation of an e-scooter made almost entirely from, yes indeed, plants. It also resulted in a slide allowing children to exit their school building in an exciting way while at the same time encouraging social cohesion between parents picking their kids up from school. Whether it concerns office lighting or an alternative garbage bag for scavenger hunting, they are united in an effort to bring people and processes closer together instead of fragmenting them.

restored_visits_waarmakers-12 restored_visits_waarmakers_sq-1 restored_visits_waarmakers_sq-16 restored_visits_waarmakers-23

9 x 4
Ninebyfour grew from a personal quest. Waarmakers needed proper, but aesthetic working lights to suit the new working quarters. Upon discovering energy efficient Philips LED light tubes Simon and Maarten started mauling over the hardly inspiring office neon tube light fixtures every workplace uses. Next, stretching the advantages of the LED variant to its fullest potential they found a way to salvage wood usually discarded by collaborating with Amsterdam-based Stadshout. The light doesn’t flicker or emit heat allowing for the use of cork and wooden material as fixtures. When you enter the unique coordinates stamped into the cork stop keeping the tube light in place in Google Maps, you get to see the tree your lamp was made out of. It’s an elegant lamp demanding just enough attention without becoming a distraction.

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The stem of Ninebyfour is sprouting a new lamp. To really understand how Waarmakers go about their business, take look at Ninebyfour’s twin brother Thirtysix. The cardboard package that usually comes with Philips tube lights suddenly goes from garbage to gain and becomes the solution to a more affordable version of Ninebyfour. In the blink of an eye, something that would otherwise end up in garbage disposals is turned into an ultra lightweight application that both transports and supports the LED light hanging from the ceiling. If that’s not the future looking you right in the face…We’re looking forward to the next chapter in the Waarmakers designing travels.

restored_visits_waarmakers-17 restored_visits_waarmakers-18 restored_visits_waarmakers_sq-15 restored_visits_waarmakers-11

Photography: Debbie Trouerbach
Text: Suzanne Knip-Mooij

12/10/2012 10:59

From Ash With Love

This month we present the ”Fauteuil”, handmade by Ruben van der Scheer. The design of the chair came from playing with flowing lines and the desire to make a comfortable chair that also provides security and shelter.
The chair is handmade out of ash wood, the finish is a mixture of boiled linseed oil and white pigment. This is to preserve the white color of the wood.

Ruben works from his workplace in Amsterdam. He combines craftsmanship with modern techniques. He often uses solid wood that grows in our environment, such as ash, elm and oak.

The coating was done by Maartje van den Noort. The chair is exclusively on sale this month at Restored, including (custom) fabrics, €2100, –

4/05/2012 14:59

New Dutch Photograpy Talent

New Dutch Photograpy Talent (‘New’) is the newest initiative of the makers behind GUP magazine. The publication is showcasing the 100 most promising upcoming photographers. Very cool that you can choose your own cover.
With 436 pages, it acts as the style bible for art directors, curators, collectors, photography lovers and fellow photographers. With a print run of 2.500 in 2012, New makes sure that the best photographic talents receive the well-deserved attention they have been waiting for.

Actually we can not show enough examples, so much beauty. Score this book!

27/04/2012 12:08

The new glint of things

RESTORED designers Nynke Sybrandy and David Derksen were invited to show their designs during the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan. They were selected by Tuttobene, who organise collaborative presentations for talented and innovative designers. We are very pleased to see them both doing so well!

David Derksen’s Copper Lights are still availabe in our store. Sadly Nynke Sybrandy’s Eternal Bouquets are out of stock at the moment.

26/04/2012 14:29

Forgotten fabric transformed to perfect shirt

halona men shirt

halona men shirt


With delicate shirts as a basis Halona designs applications made out of old ‘forgotten’ fabrics and leather. They use residual material from famous designers as Joline Jolink and Humanoid. The personal touch in the shirts lies in the varied forms, the placement of the applications and the combination of natural colors. Each piece is unique. Now in store, men’s shirts for € 59, -.

18/04/2012 13:36

Everybody happy with Lucky Boy Sunday

These huggable collections of pillows will not only make you very happy. Lucky Boy Sunday manufactures their products in Bolivia by very talented women. They support some of the most poor population by giving them a good job and a fair price.

They carry names like Secret man and Favorite place and are designed with bold graphics. The baby alpaca wool will definitely make you fall in love.

4/04/2012 20:08


Today Restored visited Mae Engelgeer. At the beautiful location of Mmousse she presented her new collection named WOWW. We enjoyed the extraordinary patterns and colors and especially the new tea towels made our hearts beat faster.  The fabulous fabric designs are developed at the Textile Museum Tilburg. We’ll keep you updated when we have any stock!


3/04/2012 16:00

A peek into the world of Cristel Ball

In the window of the month of April we pay extra attention to the work of Cristel Ball. A designer who is always on the hunt for little treasures. She has a love for crystals, skulls, crosses and combines vintage with the new. You will find a lot of beautiful dimes when you go and look in the Cristel Ball treasure box.