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Spring window

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Spring 2015: fresh, clean and vibrant.

The window of our shop is transformed into an indoor garden brimming with different shades of green. Staying close to her graphic roots, Kelly painted 4.5 meter’ long white banners with a black speckled motif by hand.

Setting off the long vertical lines of the banners against a grid of white tiles on the floor, Kelly created the perfect stage for our selection of spring products. Mint green ceramic watering pots by Studio Elke van den Berg, Pikaplant Jars by Pikaplant and delicate Preserved Flower Pots by Studio Sybrandy are put on displays made from clear disks on top of stacked tiles.

The overall atmosphere is organised yet playful, crisp and light without turning cold or sterile. Just like the first real day of spring, it makes you want to get out and smell the roses. It makes you want to stay in and clean out closets with the music on full volume. It makes your heart jump a little. After all, in Dutch ‘spring’ means ‘jump’.

Images by Kelly Nederlof

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