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Basically Good

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A wardrobe built on good basics is a wardrobe you can rely on.

At Restored we believe in the power of basics. Simple and durable pieces that can support you during the day. Whatever that day might bring. 

Clothing can facilitate or hinder your work, and clothing can be a tool or a crutch.” ¹

We all know that feeling when wearing something that looks good and feels good. It can make you feel powerful and ready to undertake anything that comes along. And we believe that good basics lie at the base of that. A good jeans, a good shirt, a good sweater. If you have the right one, you don’t need much more.

Finding good basics, however, isn’t that easy. Before you know it you’re busy by-passing big logo’s, prints and what more. We felt a need for something clean and uncomplicated: items that are basically good.

Thus we present to you the start of a collection that is Basically Good. It consists of simple, unisex items. We like to see them as staples: made to function as fundamental elements of your wardrobe. Go-to items that transcend trends and are easy to wear or to carry. 

The first items in the Basically Good collection are a sweater and a tote. Two classic pieces that paved a way through history and have proven that they’re made to stay.

well – in a good way

We find it important that well-made items are well in every sense of the word. That’s why the Basically Good collection is made with care for the planet and the people: ensuring that everyone involved works under fair conditions. The Basically Good items are fairly produced in Bangladesh. The factory is regularly audited to make sure that constant improvement of sustainability and social responsibility is not just a guideline, but a rule. Workers are paid a fair wage and work reasonable hours.

¹  Elizabeth Pape, founder of Elizabeth Suzann

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