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Cluse reminds us of the time in the best way possible - with subtle and timeless watches for an affordable price.

In the autumn of 2014 we were approached by Cluse, an Amsterdam-based watch brand. They had already been building up a watch company for over a year and dropped by our store with a bundle of watches to show.

We were drawn to their elegant and minimalist design and started to represent the classic La Boheme series online and in store. By doing so we became their very first selling point. In 2015 we added the subtle Minuit series to our collection.

Cluse got its name because of its mellifluous sound, but was also deliberately derived from the name of the French town Cluses, known for its heritage in clockmaking.

The company is starting to provide more and more people with their watches: no-nonsense accessories that besides just telling you the time, also compliment your outfit. There seems to be a strong desire for a minimalist, elegant and above all analogue accessory. Cluse jumps in to fill the gap of that desire.

We believe that a watch is an essential piece to accompany you. Not to rush you, or scare you with the rapidly gliding minutes, but to keep you grounded and more in balance with the time that’s passing. You can find our selection of Cluse watches online and in store.

Images by Femstudio & Cluse

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