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Uncover Fest Amsterdam

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A fresh twist and a pop of colour

FEST geist radiant lamp


FEST Amsterdam is a typical Dutch design company, but with a hint of Scandinavian minimalism. The designs of FEST Amsterdam are characterized as minimalistic and fresh with a pop of colour. Besides that the designs look aesthetically pleasing, the products need to be functional and comfortable. FEST makes sofa’s to actually live on and plaids that are meant to keep you warm.

The design company is keeping track of the latest trends, but what’s more important to them is creating products that people will love today and will still cherish tomorrow. Comfort, durability and timeless design comes first.

FEST Amsterdam makes sofa’s to actually live on and plaids that are meant to keep you warm.

To invest in the durability of the designs, they work with natural materials such as bamboo, wood, burlap, glass, porcelain and ceramic. The porcelain candleholder is one of our favorite products by Fest, simply because of how graceful the light gleams through the translucent porcelain.

FEST aims to create products with a story. Their vases for instance, are made of recycled glass in a glass factory near Valencia, where they melt the glass that people throw out. As a store and online platform, we aim to tell these stories behind labels, makers and products. We believe in brands like FEST that carry out a strong and ingenious vision.

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