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Fést: interior design from Amsterdam

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Fest pairs modern, Dutch design with affordable furniture & homeware.

“Fest: a special event where people can enjoy a particular activity or thing.” Welcome to this fest of Fést, from Amsterdam: enjoy furnitures and homewares that are affordable, well-designed and modern.

Founder Femke Furnée

Fést, previously Fest Amsterdam, was founded in 2013 by Femke Furnée. When looking into redecorating her home she discovered a gap between high-end (and high-priced) designer furniture and large, low-cost retailers. She wanted the high-end design, but didn’t have a high-end budget. At the same time she wanted quality and durable furniture.

So Femke decided to fill that gap herself, and challenge the traditional furniture business. Fest was born, in Amsterdam. Fast-forward 6 years and we’re looking at a growing design company branching out into international markets.

The Niche

Pairing modern, yet timeless designs with affordable prices and a long-lasting quality – Femke has managed to carve out her own niche within a fast-paced and dense market.

Home goods like furniture, lighting, pillows, vases and much more find their way into the Fest collection. A wide range of interior items to design and decorate a wide range of interiors. Femke’s aim is to, at some point, offer everything you need to furnish an entire home: from bathroom to kitchen.

The designs by Fest are simple and modern, characterized by a playful use of colors and prints.


A team of designers, based in Amsterdam, is responsible for the collection of Fest’s interior products. Every once in a while Fest invites a guest designer to work together and develop a new product (series) toegether. These collaborations allow for a surprising marriage of different worlds.

Some of the guest designers that Fést has worked with are Truly Truly, Martin Hirth, Mae Engelgeer and De Intuïtiefabriek.

Mae Engelgeer

One of the most successful collaborations Fest did was with Mae Engelgeer, if you’d ask us. Mae Engelgeer is a textile designer based in Amsterdam. With her love for craft she recasts old techniques in modern molds. Mae Engelgeer is known for her subtle colour palettes, patterns and incorporation of graphic elements. She makes beautiful and exclusive textile collections.

Together with Fest, Mae Engelgeer has developed two collections: CRUSH and CORE. A series of pillows and interior accessories in Mae’s signature palettes and patterns, made affordable and accessible by Fest.

Fést at home

When we were thinking about the interior of our new house in Amsterdam we envisioned a warm atmosphere. A good couch seemed like an ultimate necessity to achieve that. Our eyes fell upon the Clay couch by Fest. The kind of couch you want to dive into and never leave.

We enlivened the couch with some Fést x Mae Engelgeer pillows. The color palettes blend in with the couch without making it bland and the graphic patterns light it all up.

Our shop in Amsterdam is too small to stock a lot of furniture, so (for now) we’ll stick to Fest’s interior products. Pillows, lighting and accessories. Affordability, good design and durability - just a few things that we have gotten to know Fest for. We always have a nose out to what news they bring: in collaborations, products, designs or color palettes.

Their aim is to produce furniture and accessories that you love today and will still love tomorrow. All we can say is: keep up the good work, Fest.





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