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Summer window

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Construction by means of shapes and color - taking the act of displaying to another level.

Inspired by the cut-outs from Henri Matisse, and the naive gesture of a scissor maneuvering freehand through paper.

Playing with imagination, arrangement and construction by means of color and shape: this summer’s window display was designed and made by designer Jan Pieter Kaptein and visual artist Jet Sennema.

The dynamics of the summer season are characterized by the trees and plants that reach its most vibrant green, by fruit that is bursting of color, juice and flavor, by the sun that is strong, by the mornings that are crisp and the nights that are muggy.

Jan Pieter and Jet wanted to create a display radiating a crisp and happy feeling that we recognize in summer. They selected muted colors, some connected to the pastel palettes; all selected for freshness. A colorful composition radiating a fresh and cheery summer feeling.

The blob-like shapes function as a background for applied and concrete designs. The selected products that are displayed relate to this season’s essentials.

A comfy pair of sneakers, a backpack carrying your must-haves, a pair of sunglasses, copper cups for a cool summer night’s drink, notebooks to write about your summer loving, a vase to put some fresh-plucked flowers from the vital green fields and the porcelain cups, to light a candle when the sun goes down, or to put a little green plant to cheer up your balcony or terrace.

The window display works with Restored’s design philosophy: a search for pure and basic design that triggers you to stop and look for a moment. The stands play with the gesture of highlighting products, giving them their own podium.

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