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Monokel Eyewear

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Sunglasses that breathe minimalism, simplicity & functionalism.

Monokel is a unisex eyewear brand from Sweden and was founded in 2014. Over the past years Monokel has been steadily building a collection of timeless and sustainable eyewear. Their designs are inspired by simplicity and functionalism - resulting in a range of sunglasses that surpass trends as well as seasons.

MONOKEL barstow (+colors)


Robert Sandgren and Frederik Sävenberg, the founders of Monokel Eyewear, built their brand on the principles of the Scandinavian design movement.

This movement emerged in the 1950s in the Scandinavian countries and originated from the idea that beautiful and functional products should not be reserved only for the wealthy - but be accessible and affordable to everyone.

In Monokel’s collection of sunglasses, currently twelve different models, you can find bold statement frames to classic frames inspired by vintage ones.

Monokel is not the type of brand to expand its collection rapidly. They’d rather stick with designs that have proven themselves - and only add a new one when it can stand the test of time.

MONOKEL nelson (+colors)


"You don’t really need more than one"

We believe that when it comes to sunglasses, you don’t really need more than one. That one just has to be a really good one. After a few years of working together we now know that Monokel is the best brand to deliver. 

We’ve selected three models of unisex sunglasses that fit our store well - simple and timeless in a range of beautiful colors. The Barstow, Nelson and Rio: Monokel’s sunglasses are sturdy and high-quality. We’ve been wearing them for years! 

Creating a simple and sustainable product that you’re excited to wear and share with your friends. That’s the ethos of Monokel Eyewear.

Their sunglasses are handmade from premium plant-based acetate and provided with Carl Zeiss Vision® lenses. Each frame is handcrafted with attention to detail in a process taking over three months.

MONOKEL rio (+color)


Acetate frames

Monokel’s frames are either made from metal or from acetate. The latter is a material currently widely represented in the landscape of eyewear. But what is acetate? Let’s take a closer look.

Acetate is a cellulosic material and ideal for making strong, durable eyewear. The base material is from plants (mostly tree pulp).

Cellulose enters the factory in powder-form and is mixed into a kneadable dough. This dough is rolled out until it reaches the desired thickness. The dough is still transparent in this stage, so for most frames pigments will now be added.

The colored cellulose is again rolled out and then cut into minuscule granules. These granules can be mixed to create beautiful gradients and color blocks.

"Each frame is handcrafted with attention to detail in a process taking over three months."

One of the great things about acetate is that colors and textures are embedded in the material and not sprayed onto the surface. This leaves a color-fast material that will not flake or tarnish.

Monokel’s frames are made at their Italian acetate producer Mazzucchelli, they have a long history of working with acetate. Mazzuchelli is based in Italy, which means their manufacturing is under strict EU chemical guidelines. It means that the workers wear protective clothing, there are proper ventilation system and waste treatment set ups, etcetera. This is something we’re happy to know and share.

The video below gives a great insight into the production process of acetate for sunglasses.

Carl Zeiss Vision lenses

The lenses in a Monokel frame are from Carl Zeiss Vision. They have been bringing high-quality lenses for more than 100 years.

It’s important to take care of your eyes - even when you’re not in the sun! Carl Zeiss lenses have a full UV protection, meaning they protect against UVA as well as UVB rays.

Taking care of your sunglasses

Once you own a pair of Monokel sunglasses, chances are you’ll want to carry them with you all the time. How can you enjoy your specs as much as possible, and keep them looking great in the long run?

Your pair of sunglasses come in a beautiful protective hard case with a cleaning cloth. We recommend to store your specs in the case whenever you’re not wearing them. And give them a gentle clean every once in a while with the cloth!

A great characteristic of acetate material is its flexibility. Whenever your frame feels a bit large in size or out of shape, you can go to an optician - who can help you bring your acetate frame back into shape using a special device.

We can highly recommend a pair of Monokel’s. Practical, durable and beautiful - designed to be worn and made to last.

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