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Terrazzo time with OK Design

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OK Design is a Danish-design furniture business with a focus on sharp and simple design.

OK Design was founded in 2008 by Kirsten Krogh and Jacob Fasting. It initiated its success by reimagining and introducing the traditional woven furniture from Mexico into Europe, with the famous Acapulco chair as their bestseller. Next to furniture, they do in-house designing and work in collaboration with international designers as well, producing a variety of spirited designs, always working with local producers.


At Restored we love Confetti, a collection of terrazzo boards. Terrazzo originates from simplified marble mosaics that were used in Venice by the mid-16th century. It consists of chips of durable materials such as marble, quartz, granite, recycled glass and porcelain. These grains are pressed into (colored) cement or clay and polished after it’s dried. Terrazzo is mostly used for flooring, but it has also found its purpose in the form of countertops, tabletops and other household objects.

You might associate terrazzo with mid-century contemporary design, it reached a peak in popularity in the mid-20th century. We’re excited to see that this long-forgotten material is making a comeback in contemporary design and architecture. It’s loved for its timeless beauty and versatility.

OK Design coupled with the rebirth of terrazzo and designed Confetti. Danish design produced in Italy, the motherland of the material. The terrazzo boards come in a black and white and a colored confetti edition. We love both equally: perfect examples of modest but spot-on design. Whether you use it for serving, as a trivet or just for decorative purposes, everything you put on a Confetti board looks well-presented.

You can find all the varieties of the Confetti boards online or in store, we hope you will enjoy them as much as we do.

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