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Restored + Annemieke Boots

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It has been a long-time dream of ours to produce a series of cylinder shaped vases.



Turns out that our dream was a desired challenge for Annemieke Boots. Mostly working on a smaller scale, she was excited to try out something bigger.

Annemieke is a self-taught ceramic artist based in Amsterdam. Her workspace is filled to the brim with her beautiful ceramics. They’re light, simple and invite you to hold and touch them. Modest yet strong designs that are carefully made and embrace the slow pace of the material. Annemieke’s way of working and looking resonated with us.

Restored + Annemieke Boots ceramics

The large vase can carry a bouquet of flowers, but works well with a single branch too. The small vase allows for spontaneity: the last flower from a withered bouquet, or some quick roadside blossoms from your way home. The planter suits a small green plant, or who knows, some flowers floating in water?

The ceramics are made out of porcelain and partly glazed in a soft nude color. The final sanded finish allows a smooth feel and shows Annemieke’s eye for detail and tactility.
The pieces work well together but can stand strong alone too.

Photography by Jet Sennema

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