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Uncover Restored Gathers

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Eight designers, eight products. A new form, a new material. Restored Gathers is a collection to treasure.

In november 2014 we asked eight designers from the Netherlands and Germany to recast their bestselling products in Restored into a new form or material. The result is a worthy collection. The following designers teamed up with us to bring the Gathers collection into existence:
~ Mae Engelgeer
~ Kiyoko
~ Jeroen van Leur
~ Sandra Turina
~ Zand-erover
~ Elke van der Berg
~ First of August

Warm materials like copper and rose gold are balanced with pastel colours and light tones. Soft materials such as wool and wool felt alternate with sturdy wood and leather. Each product in the collection is meant to hold out on its own; it was made with care working with honest, high quality materials with craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Restored gathered these makers to create an original, warm and elegant collection to be thankful for. Dutch photographers Eva Roovers and Debbie Trouerbach created concept-based images in different settings.

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