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Restored goes to Rotterdam

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We give the floor to Jet. She has been involved with us for years and knows all the ins and outs of Restored. Since October she is the new manager of our pop-up store in Rotterdam.

Jet: “Rotterdam had been on my radar for a while, and when I moved here in January I felt inspired by the attitude of starting over, of experiment and trial and error.

Rotterdam is a city with innovation, experiment and new beginnings embedded in its identity. A city influenced by the roughness of the harbor and old industries. A city with a turbulent history – a city bursting with new energy.

It made sense to discover the possibility of opening a pop-up retail space here. My colleague David has his roots in the area of Rotterdam, so he had a natural connection to the idea as well.

After being in touch with the municipality of Rotterdam I was brought into contact with the owner of a vacant retail space on the Nieuwe Binnenweg. This is a long street going from the centre of the city towards the west; characterized by a wide variety of shops, cafes and restaurants. A lovely mix of different cultures, functions and tastes.

We felt connected to the space, its location and its owners. Together with David and Marijke I felt excited for something new.

After we decided to go for it we had to act fast. It was September and we wanted to be open by the beginning of October. The space, around thirty m2, characterized by a large glass window, has some lovely old details. A charming little space, but with no extra space or cellar for storage, so that was the main thing to take into account when designing the interior.

The entire interior was designed by Jan Pieter Kaptein, who came up with a plan that would result in an interior with character; but manageable with limited time and budget.
Where the usual focus in a retail space would be the center, Jan Pieter put the focus on the sides of the space; the common negative space. High, narrow cabinets with incorporated storage space form the basis of the interior. This keeps the center space open as a space that can have different functions. For example, a workspace where we held a collage workshop on the 27th of October.

We were searching for a color for the interior; not too outspoken, not too neutral. It was kind of by coincidence that we ended up choosing RAL 1013, oyster white. A color that appears different in changing light situations, and turned out a perfect backdrop for our products.

A beautiful thing about filling a new space is that everything feels fresh. The designs, even the ones that we have been carrying for years, are placed in a new context and receive new light.

We envisioned a light and clean space, a place of calm that allowed the designs to breathe. A welcoming space with a warm and playful vibe.

The selection I made for the store in Rotterdam is similar to Amsterdam. As the space is smaller, the selection is smaller and more focused on the character of this city. I also wanted to add some local design. So to begin with I chose the beautiful ceramics of Studio Timmerman, the playful print by Maaike Canne (which is currently part of our give away!*) and three exclusive prints by Marrit van Nattem.

This pop-up is an exciting adventure that we dove into. The retail landscape is changing and we like to see this as an opportunity to experiment and discover the possibilities that retail gives.

We are amazed by all the positive responses so far and we’re curious to how the coming months will unfold. If all goes well, we just might stay!

I’d be happy to welcome you at the Nieuwe Binnenweg 255-A. I’m open from Wednesday to Saturday from 12.00 till 18.00.”

(Please note that Restored Rotterdam is closed now, it was opened as a temporary store in the last quarter of 2018)

– Jet Sennema

* We are giving away this print on the photo above, by Maaike Canne. All you have to do is drop by our Rotterdam store, show that you follow us and Maaike (either on Instagram or Facebook), and the print is yours to take!

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