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Restored + Spitsberg

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It seemed worthy of the spring season to allow for something new to sprout.

Spitsberg + Restored plantscape

The plantscape is a wireframe construction to support and display plants, designed by Spitsberg. The first plantscape saw the light of day in 2014, on the occasion of our Gathers collection. We have been proud to witness its development ever since.

We were attracted to the idea of developing a limited edition plantscape especially for Restored. Together with Spitsberg we decided on the color ‘Clear Coral’, a bright hue balancing between orange and pink.

Clear Coral

This warm color reminds us of the buds of a pollard willow in grey surroundings. Like blushes of color that seep through a seasonally pale landscape. We’re happy to add this colorful accent to our familiar palette of muted pastels and black and whites.

The color highlights the graphical and minimal design of the plantscape. Altogether it’s the perfect compliment for your vivid green plants.

The Restored + Spitsberg plantscape comes in three different sizes, making it suitable for all kinds of indoor landscapes.

Window display

We decided to create a window display evolving around the new plantscapes. Spitsberg provided prototypes of a beautiful new product to pair with the plantscapes. Simple, yet technically astute, ash wood tables. A reference to a Japanese chabudai, a short-legged table.

We love how the neutral wood combines with the pop of color of the plantscapes - it makes us feel fresh and energized. Enjoy the spring!


Spitsberg studio visit

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