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Restored + Marta Veludo

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The Black Soft and White scarf is the result of a successful collaboration between visual designer Marta Veludo and Restored. Its title refers to a Kandinsky painting that inspired Veludo, a real champion of colour in design, to work in black and white.

After finishing and refining the design in the autumn of 2015, we decided to collaborate with an award winning Dutch knitting house and produce a big scarf that could double as a throw, shawl or blanket according to your needs. The yarns used are a mix of cotton and acryl. This mix ensures durability and retains its form without having to sacrifice a soft feel and refined knit.

The Black Soft and White scarf shows an interplay of round forms with gridlines. The composition of the print is like a celestial playground with terrazzo tiling. An analogy of the shawl, our shop window is arranged according to the same organising principles.

Veludo envisioned a cityscape of products against a backdrop that shows a juxtaposition of a rising sun and moon. They appear as two sides of a coin, one black, one white. Silver glitters and gold shimmers provide a healthy dose of Marta magic amidst the monochrome indoor universe.

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