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Restored + Marta Veludo

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Restored looks back at the successful and festive CONFETTI collaboration with visual artist Marta Veludo in the hot summer of 2014.

When asked about the working process around the theme CONFETTI, Veludo explains her integrated, conceptual mode of investigation: ‘We started thinking around the concept of summer. Let’s be happy, let’s celebrate in an explosive, out-there way. Let’s do piñatas, but make them sleeker, more sophisticated. We’ll strip away the traditional Mexican-style piñata aesthetic to get an abstraction. From there we thought: what happens when you hit a piñata? There’s all kinds of stuff flying out, but mostly there’s confetti exploding into the air and falling on your head. That’s the idea for the cap: the confetti coming out of a piñata.’

The cap’s fabric consists of a mixed media artist print with the pastel color schemes Veludo is known for. She experimented with confetti canons in her studio in Amsterdam Noord: ‘I put real confetti on the floor and then everyone went: Marta…the cleaning lady has to clean…’ She jokes around. ‘I photographed them, edited them selecting the best ones, adding colors. I like this process; it’s something practical and real.’

Looking in from the outside Restored is turned into a universe embodying summer festivity and relaxation. It’s a hybrid of objects you’d find on the poolside of a Miami summer resort mixed with the Mexican parties taking place just outside the parameters of this city. Abstract pearl glazed piñatas in light blue colors and gradient pastel cylinder-shaped objects highlight a backdrop depicting the inside of swimming pools. Pink hues envelop wooden standards with white and black graphic dotting.

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