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Uncover Rimma Tchilingarian

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Smooth transparency is a characteristic we expect from materials like porcelain.

Appropriately called At the Studio, the first collection by German designer Rimma Tchilingarian takes up this and other presumptions about porcelain and the tradition of craft surrounding it as a starting point to show an exciting new approach to the material.

At the Studio is meant to expose the complex richness of porcelain. It breaks with the industrialised perfect white surface and familiar gilded gold lacquered details to show the rugged charm underneath this glaze. Originally, vases were not only meant to hold flowers, they served as cultural signifiers, telling old stories on their surfaces. In much the same fashion the objects of At the Studio, elegant two-tiered vases, serve as a canvas that exposes a different side of the material.

Modeling the vases on the shape of ancient Chinese vases, Tchilingarian worked with rawer, less smooth and harsh surfaces. She experimented with different types of pigments to create colour palates ranging from soft pastel flecks to swirls of deep blue cutting through a white base. At the Studio comprises vases that can be taken apart and arranged to suit the different needs and moods of any environment. They recount the tale of our current obsessions. The story about a wondrous marriage of new techniques with the origins of materials and their tradition.

Restored is truly mesmerised with the delicate yet raw-edged Colour Vase and Gradient Vase by Rimma Tchilingarian that are currently in store. Take a closer look at them and the studio they come from below.

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