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Sustainable ceramics from Nina+Co

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We love breakfast. It’s a wonderful moment to ponder about the day that lies ahead with its plans and possibilities.

Unfortunately, in the daily hustle and bustle we’re unable to celebrate this meal as often as we would want. That’s why we’re so happy to find designers like Nina, ready to meet our needs by supplying us with simple, uncomplicated designs that make it hard not to slow down.

Take a look at her beautiful Breakfast Collection and get inspired by her approach to contemporary design.

"I want to make good design accessible."

Nina is an interior and product designer currently based between London and Amsterdam. She started her design studio Nina+Co in 2014. Nina+Co made its product-design debut with a selection of tableware that goes under the name "The Breakfast Collection". 

The collection includes a plate, a bowl, a mug, an espresso cup (that doubles as an egg cup) and a butter dish. When asked how she got to designing this collection, she answered: “I always start from something I want, that I don’t have. I love simple, useful objects. Living in a city often means living in limited space - we should surround ourselves by things that are useful.”

The Breakfast Collection is characterized by the combination of stormy black ceramics and a milky, glossy white glaze. The material is responsibly sourced, the clay is all from U.K. soil. The items from the Breakfast Collection make us think of Nordic design with it’s clean, minimal lines.

Every object in the ceramic collection has its own character, according to Nina. “I like things that are simple and I like to challenge each object: what is necessary, and what is extra?”

"I want to reduce it to what is essential."

For this collection Nina collaborated with the Ceramicists, a design consultancy based in London. The items are slip-cast by hand, and as Nina says: “Variations and imperfections will occur, adding to the beauty and integrity of the designs.”

We are especially drawn to the remarkable handles of the espresso cup and the mug with their subtle quirkiness. How did she decide on these characteristic elements? “I work with and from simple shapes, shapes that I like. In my interior design you’ll see the same shapes and lines emerging as in my ceramics.

The handle of the tea cup is inspired by a cabinet handle I used for an interior project. While I was holding the sample, I realised how comfortable it was and wondered what it would be like to have a cup with this kind of handle.”

"I always work from simple shapes"

The breakfast table is enlivened with simple and contemporary items. We believe that Nina’s well-considered and thoughtful designs can inspire you to celebrate that first meal of the day. A celebrated breakfast sparks a fruitful rest of the day!

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