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The Art of Giving: Jewelry

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Jewelry can become a carrier of personal meaning. It can, figuratively, grow on you. It’s an intimate piece, close to the body, that one might carry along for a lifetime.

The smallest pendant or the boldest earpiece can shepherd a sense of delight, feelings and emotions. Perhaps something that can’t be expressed verbally.

Therefore, when you gift a piece of jewelry you’re not merely offering physical goods. You are creating a meaningful interaction. This piece of personal adornment honors the other, and is likely to become a bearer of memories.

At Restored we acknowledge the sense of companionship in jewelry. That’s why we try to select pieces that breathe balance and refinement.

BALANCE RESTORED gold filled ring onyx


Timeless design and dedicated craftsmanship, resulting in jewelry that is ready to start accompanying your loved one. Be it every day, every week or merely that one special day in the year.

Styling and photography by Edith Scharloo and Jet Sennema

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