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The Art of Wellbeing

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Wellbeing has many facets and they are interconnected.

As the founder of Restored, working with these different aspects of wellbeing is a form of art, they are not separate and each possesses beauty.

From my interest in both beauty, design and people-focused work I've been learning coaching, design psychology, aromatherapy massage, bodywork and Christian spirituality. With Restored I focus primarily on creative well-being and an inspiring living environment. These, of course, have a direct impact on our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. 

On my personal, Dutch website, you will find more about coaching and aromatherapy massage. I hope to bring you an inspiring place of wellbeing with a personalized offer. 

So, both Restored and the Place of wellbeing find there place under the small roof of my garden pod. 

Are you someone who enjoys design and likes to pay attention to personal development and well-being? Then I warmly invite you to my Place for wellbeing too.

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