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Transparency. It’s a rare trait that has nonetheless turned into a veritable holy grail for designers nowadays.

How do you get across the care and energy that went into producing pure and durable design in an authentic way? Warsaw-based creative studio Thisispaper takes up a unique position in this brave new transparent world and we admire them for it.

We’re proud to feature three different kinds of rucksacks and backpacks made from scratch by the Thisispaper team in their Warsaw Studio. The bags are stripped of any unnecessary frills; they provide simplicity and functionality instead of decoration.

This natural, functional aesthetics is translated through the use of high quality materials sourced from local artists and craftsmen. The backpacks are made from undyed thick cotton sailcloth, durable light blue cotton and vegetable tanned leather.

We eagerly awaited the arrival of the handmade, timeless bags from their spring summer collection. Both their aesthetics and production process create rewards for those willing to put in a little more effort.

In this case that meant waiting a bit longer than usual before the products were ready for shipping. But they were definitely worth the wait.

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