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Restored + Vleijt

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Vleijt is an old Dutch word meaning ‘diligence’ - careful and hardworking.

Welcome to the world of Vleijt. Marieke Langedijk is the diligent impetus behind it. She lives in Emmeloord, a city in the youngest province of the Netherlands, where the Zuiderzee was pushed back and new land was created. The bottom of the sea became the surface of the land. Driving through this area offers wide views of stretched lands. It is a terrific example of the relationship between man and nature.

Spending the days of her youth in this area, living on a farm, incited Marieke’s interest in nature. It is a reccuring theme in her work. The earth with her flora and fauna and the capability to restore itself inspires and fascinates her.

From vast oceans, stretched out pieces of land till the deepest layers containing ‘gifts from Mother Earth’, as Marieke calls them: geodes, minerals, crystals, marble and granite.

We share Marieke’s love for these gifts. Layers and surfaces, part of a greater whole but at the same time beautiful as autonomous materials.

That’s why we love her Geode series so much. Her ability to create beautifully minimal and abstract patterns from something so rough and unpredictable speaks to us. These layers, that are so powerful and strong appear gentle and soft. The hand drawn lines give them a mild character. You can feel the presence of the maker and that is something we find appealing. We can imagine the pencil softly gliding over the textured paper, slowly building up a wonderful marbled pattern.

The postcard

In the beginning of 2016 we used a print of Vleijt on our free postcard. We chose one that suited us best, a minimal and rythmic print with a hint of pastel.

We’re proud to represent Vleijt, an earnest designer working with dedication, attention and ambition.

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