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Welcome to Restored

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“Whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul.”¹

We are David and Marijke Hukema, living in Amsterdam together with our two daughters. In 2008 we opened our store, Restored, on the bustling Haarlemmerdijk in the heart of the city. 

(Please note that since 1 July 2020, Restored only functions as an online store. June 2021 Marijke opened her wellbeing practice in Amsterdam new west).  

The building we were located in is an Amsterdam municipal monument and was designed by architect F.M.J. Caron. It was built in 1896 as a fish and fruit business. It’s a typical example of Art Nouveau architecture, a style that’s relatively scarce in Amsterdam. 

We aimed to center the store around the idea that simplicity brings calm and beauty restores the balance in life. It breathes through the choice of products as well as our simple and minimal interior design.

“Pare down to the essence, but don't remove the poetry.” ²

In the curation of our collection we look for designs that are intrinsically poetic. Designs that speak for itself.

“The Japanese have a word, shibusa, which cannot be translated exactly but whose meaning comes closest to “a beauty that exudes tranquility, depth, simplicity and purity.” This refers to an introverted beauty, the beauty of inner radiance.” ³

We work together with small labels and independent designers that bring a diverse collection of jewelry, ceramics, magazines, textiles and more. We deliberately offer only a small selection of each designer or label, which we carefully curate and tend. The design that connects to the atmosphere and style of Restored finds its place in the store. All products together form a whole in color, style and intention.

We invited people to take the time to discover these pure and refined designs, to hold and touch them and be inspired or, maybe, even restored.

“…it’s not the beauty of the shape as such that is appreciated but rather a form’s presence that sparks off actions and contributes to the atmosphere around it.” ⁴

The Restored identity was created by designer Ruben Doornweerd. He played with abstracted letter forms. In his search for simplicity and order, he created a minimalist identity with complete and incomplete letter fragments, referring to a process of wholeness.

More then just being a store, we aim to offer a platform for creativity, collaboration and experiment. Together with our small team, we carry this out through the physical store, in exclusive collaborations, this online journal and photography.  

¹ Alice Walker
² Leonard Koren in Wabi Sabi
³ Hilde Bouchez in A Wild Thing
⁴ Jasper Morrison & Naoto Fukasawa in Super Normal

​Looking for a nice place to stay in Amsterdam? Find our Restored home here!

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