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What is minimalism?

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What is minimalism, really? Is it only present in black and white?

A considerable part of the products that we curate show striking similarities. Textiles, candle holders, time pieces. Some of them trace monochromes in marbled, checkered and geometric patterns. A certain sparseness or minimalist vein runs through them. It seems. This made us wonder: What is minimalism, really? Is it only present in black and white?

Certainly not. The balanced out aesthetic called ‘minimalism’ seems to persist even where colour is concerned. So, does it lie in the use of monochromes, stark contrasts, or is something else going on here? Is minimalism simply the art of elimination? And: can a product be minimalist on its own?

For us, minimalism means leaving the space around a product open. Leaving it room to breathe on its own, so that customers can see why it is beautiful. When it comes to our shop, we trace deliberate lines between products, deciding to leave empty space between them.

Curating is a minimalist gesture.

Grouping products together, deciding what to present and what not to present is an intuitive and subtle endeavour. We curate products. Curating is a minimalist gesture. The latin word for curation is curationem, which means ‘a taking care, attention’. We feel that term embodies the way we work.

In our case, minimalism goes beyond being just a trend. It is an aesthetic equivalent to a considered way of living that inevitably influences the way we work.

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